You don't need sales rockstars. You need a complete sales system that delivers consistent sales results even with average people.

Successful sales programs are built around systems and processes – not around individuals. If your sales depend on finding rockstar salespeople, be prepared to be forever frustrated. And when you do find the occasional rockstar, they often end up being high-maintenance sales primadonnas that drive you crazy with their finicky and temperamental demands. The key to success in the residential HVAC business is to have a sales system that produces consistent results, even with average talent. Here’s how it works:


Weldon Long will train and provide scripts for your lead coordinator to set and qualify leads for your sales team.

Proper lead qualification and coordination that gives your sales team the best opportunity for sales success is the most often overlooked part of the sales system. From properly qualifying the time commitment to getting all homeowners together, setting and qualifying your sales leads is a critical factor in sales success.


Your sales team completes the world-class Mindset and Sales training that is available on the Contractor University platform.

This comprehensive program is based on Weldon Long’s New York Times Bestselling Book, The Power of Consistency and his #1 Amazon Bestseller, Consistency Selling. Weldon Long is the nation’s leading residential HVAC sales expert. He has trained thousands of residential sales professionals how to deliver powerful and consistent sales results. He has also built numerous residential HVAC companies of his own using the exact sales system now available to you.


Weldon Long will create and provide the complete sales presentation materials.

Having a proven and professional sales presentation system is the key to delivering consistent sales results. Consistent sales results come from consistent sales activities so we provide the entire presentation system for your sales team. It’s all produced and delivered to directly to your sales team.


Weldon Long will create and provide the complete pricing strategy and menu based price cards for your sales team.

While popular CRM systems are vital to the efficient operation of your company, these systems are horrible for presenting multiple options to your homeowner. An effective system for presenting your system pricing options is the hidden key to driving high-efficiency and high-margin sales. We also provide proper pricing to ensure your company’s financial success.


Weldon Long will create and provide the system for accurate and critical sales lead performance tracking.

In business, “what gets measured gets done.” Without accurate, timely and relevant sales data, powerful sales results are impossible. We help track and measure ongoing sales data.


Weldon Long will provide ongoing sales coaching and mentoring for your sales team.

Weldon Long is one of the nation’s most powerful trainers and speakers. Your sales team will participate in 25 coaching sessions with him over a 12 to 18 month time span to ensure ongoing implementation, continuous improvement and powerful sales results.

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