Helping Good Companies Get Great Reviews

ReviewBuzz is a revolutionary software that helps you get the most online reviews on sites that matter most, like Yelp, Google, Facebook and more. Founded by a contractor, ReviewBuzz is uniquely designed to help contracting businesses thrive in today’s digital world. The unique ReviewBuzz process connects all your online reviews to the employees who performed the service, so you can reward and recognize great service publicly and correct service issues privately.

ReviewBuzz has three key features to help you get the most reviews, drive more calls and reward your team for earning customer feedback.

  • An online review system that makes it easy for you and your team to earn the most 5-star online reviews, so you look better online and get more calls to your business
  • A customer satisfaction survey system that helps you improve your customer service by measuring customer satisfaction at every point of your service experience
  • An employee reward and recognition program that helps get your team motivated and excited about getting online reviews, improving their customer service and making your company look better online.