Rehash Leads: Stop Wasting Leads!

Rehash Leads is a simple easy-to-use app that automatically follows up with your lost leads and keeps the communication going between your homeowner and your Comfort Advisor, making sure that you are in the conversation when your homeowner makes their final buying decision.

Rehash Leads is a powerful partner for your Comfort Advisor. The advisor simply taps the app and drops the lost lead into the predesigned and preloaded communications that will give your homeowner reasons to choose your company over your competition. You can also use preloaded coupons to create urgency and fear of loss to encourage the homeowner to make a purchasing decision.

With Rehash Leads, you’re never going to waste money on leads again because EVERY lead is being monitored and managed. Turn your employees into revenue-generating machines while increasing overall involvement, camaraderie and ultimately, sales. Create powerful brand advocates and influencers within your workforce and stop wasting those expensive leads! The only way to stop wasting all that money is to implement a systematic process to follow up on every lost lead and make sure that you have extracted every possible sale. You will significantly improve your sales process with automated follow up notifications and a list of Hot Prospects. An average lead in HVAC industry costs over $300 to acquire and less than half of those leads become customers, costing your company thousands of dollars. Stop wasting money on leads that don’t sell because no one ever follows up with them!