Operational Excellence – Measured Software (OPX) is a real-time cloud-based software that provides proven-results using performance metrics and benchmark-setting growth to empower contractors with DAILY MEASURING OF EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE. This OPX software identifies where a business has operational challenges that are impacting profits and measures the key performance indicators of each technicians, Sales and Customer Care Reps on a daily bases. A Fortune 500 tool revolutionizing the Home Service Trades productivity to guarantee 20% profit in every market.

Positioning for rapid growth through marketing or acquisitions.

Knowing all your numbers real-time is empowering. You will fix today anything that broke yesterday.


Knowing your numbers is really good. To become great you need to act on them timely. We provide the solutions you need as fast as you need them. You are in the cockpit of the plane (your business) your consultant is in the tower helping you stay on course.


You do not need to use our consultants or trainers. If you have your own GREAT! They will love this tool too!

Special Offer For Contractor University Members


$789 Marked down to $630/month

  • Unlimited access to your Business Consultant. Scheduled weekly meetings and training.
  • FREE Managers Workshops around the country
  • CES Human Resources Protection INCLUDED
  • Cloud Based Daily Manager Report
  • Know your numbers by employee in 3 clicks
  • Service Titan API Link – No Data Entry required
  • Discounted Site visit costs
  • Discounted Marketing Costs
  • Truck Parts Replenish Tool
  • 30-Minute Budgeting tool for all KPI’s for Budget VS Actual Performance


$379 Marked down to $250/month

  • Same as Platinum no Business Consulting. Only initial onboarding over 60 days
  • CES – Discounted by Contractor University


$75 Marked down to $30/month

  • Truck Parts Replenish Tool
  • Priced Right Job Costing
  • 2 Hour Business Evaluation and Implementation plan for 20% Profit Yearly
  • 30-Minute Budgeting tool for KPI’s


$0 – No Cost

  • 30-Minute Budgeting Tool for KPI’s
Using our proven business consultants will guarantee 20% profit or your money back.