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IAQ products with guaranteed results

Essential Air Products produces IAQ products that fit in the space where you need them to work and deliver measurable, quantifiable results. Working in HVAC for over 45 years, our founder, Dan Dearden, was very disappointed with many of the IAQ products he installed. It seemed like if they worked, they didn’t fit; if they fit, they didn’t deliver the promised results.

For example, IQAir Perfect 16 is a fantastic air filter. But, it won’t fit in 98% of typical residential applications. The Lennox Healthy Climate with a Carbon Clean 16 filter fits into many systems. Unfortunately, our real-world air flow testing demonstrated that it only caught about 85% of .3um particles. That’s just barely a MERV 15.

Having customers who genuinely needed clean air to breathe, Dan invented and patented the NovusAer Air Cleaner. No duct modifications are required to fit almost all side return applications, and it delivers 99.27% –near HEPA– efficiency at a lower pressure drop than your average media air filter.