Grow Your Sales by Offering Indoor Air Quality Products to Your Customers

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has been manufacturing high performance and reliable air cleaning products since 1982 and has teamed up with Contractor University to offer a complete program to Contractor University members. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an important part of every successful HVAC contractor’s business, allowing them the opportunity to increase average tickets, margins, and customer satisfaction.

  • SolaceAir is a brand of premium IAQ products with very limited availability in the market, making it difficult for your clients to price shop the same products elsewhere.
  • SolaceAir products are high performance products that address all three types of airborne contaminants, backed by limited lifetime warranties and designed to be installed quickly on virtually any type of sales or service call.
  • Their team of training experts will review technical aspects of IAQ products with your team in addition to communication training so that technicians are able to easily and comfortably communicate relevant IAQ information on every call.
  • Ongoing WebEx training to keep your team up-to-date and motivated.
  • Employee-use programs and sales contests to make it FUN!
  • Best dealer pricing for any order size in addition to Contractor University rebates.