Providing companies that specialize in residential and home improvement services with unique and customized solutions for employee issues.

Build for Success – Employee handbook and safety program custom created for your company, updated annually, industry specific

Support with Compliance – Ongoing compensation review for accuracy and legality

Keeping Current – Safety meetings, HR tips and on-call support for day to day occurrences

Employee Overhead Cost Containment – Payroll, employee leasing, pay-as-you-go options

Your compensation plans often include overtime, after hours work, on-call and commissions. Your employees often work independently, are out on the road, go into homes and can be in hazardous conditions. Your payroll requires special calculations to be compliant with evolving government guidelines.

As your company grows and evolves with the support of Contractor University’s ongoing services and solutions, add CES to your team to provide customized systems to reinforce your employee management needs – improve your cash flow and protect your profits from the Department of Labor now and into the future!

HR and Safety Program
1 – 49 employees: $125 per month
50+ employees: $225 per month

Compensation and Payroll Management and Employee Leasing
No hidden rebates, Contractor University members get the best price!

Any suggestion regarding government regulation compliance provided by CES as part of the HR & Safety support program is developed and/or compiled from multiple sources and is not to be construed as legal advice. Any legal verification and implementation of any or all suggestions provided by CES is solely at the recipient’s discretion.