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Are you good enough to get better?

Mike has many years of experience teaching comfort advisors how to close and technicians how to sell maintenance agreements and accessories. And, how to create leads for comfort advisors. Comfort advisors struggle selling better than basic systems. The key to getting customers to want to buy better is to educate them on how two-stage and multi-stage systems, along with the right accessories, will help them reach their goals. First, goals need to be set for the customer through questions and agreeing that those goals are needed. When we ask questions that create emotion where the homeowner believes they need the results discussed then they will listen to the solutions provided by better equipment. No matter the equipment they buy the goal for the comfort advisor is to secure the sale because the bottom line is that your company does the best install and if the homeowner has anyone else install their system they will get a lesser quality resulting in higher utility bills, more repairs and a shorter life. Most educated buyers will want to do the right thing.

Special Offer For EGIA Members

As an EGIA member, when you have Mike Treas come to you on-site to train your comfort advisors, for his three-day or two-day programs for technicians, you get a 20% discount off his usual rates. Fees are all-inclusive and include travel, meals, hotel and materials!

EGIA members save 20% off these packages:
Three-day CLOSE© Comfort Advisor Program – $8000 $6400
Two-day Communication Excellence for Technicians Program – $6000 $4800