We kickstart the program with an initial in-person training. This training introduces your team to our Pattern for Excellence in customer service and sets the tone for ongoing coaching which keeps your CSRs accountable.

This training maps out the step-by-step approach we teach thousands of CSRs to follow from beginning to end of their phone calls to WOW the customer, book the appointment, and grow your business.


Our unique training message focuses on practical communication skills and mindset. As a result, your technicians will not only fix the homeowners’ problems, they will make homeowners fall in love with them and become loyal! It’s all about building long-term relationships with the people you serve.

Most training programs come from a mechanical standpoint. They focus on “fixing things.” This training is focused on soft skills. It’s all about building rapport with the homeowner and creating a “WOW” experience. If you’re good at fixing things but don’t create a “WOW” experience, customers don’t become loyal.

Each day of training with Power Techs gives you 8 hours of continuing education credits with NATE.


Some of the culture-changing work leaders will do during Unite:

  • Mindset shift to a higher level of conscious living.
  • Practice social skills that prevent future office gossip or drama.
  • Set personal and team S.M.A.R.T. goals with immediate action plans.
  • Lead teams beyond their excuses (conversation practices).
  • Validate employees, build trust, and express empathy.
  • Effectively delegate and learn different leadership/employee styles.
  • Ask for and give effective feedback- the 8 Step Process.
  • Understand and discuss working preferences and become clear with expectations, building truly effective working relationships.
  • Develop consistent practices of gratitude, confidence, and positivity so that you go beyond the “fake it till you make it” frame of mind and cultivate new authentic social skills and habits.

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Special Offer For Contractor University Members

Contractor University Members Receive a 10% Discount!

1 Day- $ 3950 plus travel

1 Day- $ 4950 plus travel
2 Day- $ 7950 plus travel
3 Day- $ 8950 plus travel

1 Day- $ 4950 plus travel